• Underwater Swimming


    By choosing underwater pool service you minimise cost 

    and unnecessary disruption to your pool operation

  • All our Divers are


    When choosing Commercial and Pool Diving Solutions

    you can rest assured that you are fully compliant with

    regulation 4 of the DWR



We are skilled tradesmen that pride ourselves on a high standard of workmanship.

Whether it is a large or smaller more isolated areas we are able to complete all tiling underwater. This enables us to provide our clients with a more time efficient and cost effective service.

We have developed an effective method that allows us to re render and re screed defective screed and render in preparation for re tiling.

We boast great supplier links that enable us to source new and older designs of tiles.



Grout loss is one of the major causes of cut hands and feet in swimming pools users.

As the grout deteriorates the tiles edges are exposed and become weak due to the lack of grout support. Consequently, the tiles can chip/crack exposing sharp edges and resulting in possible injury to pool users.

Whilst our experience and skill allows us to grout large areas with speed, we do not compromise on quality. This ensures acost effective and time efficient service.

Replacement of expansion joints.

Make safe repairs to defective tiles.